The Night Agent – A Thrilling Adventure with Minor Hiccups

The Top Line: The Night Agent has a few annoying tropes and requires some suspension of disbelief at times, but overall, it’s a fun watch and worth the time. Generally fast-paced and entertaining, I give it two thumbs up.

The Story: The Night Agent follows FBI agent Peter Sutherland (played by Gabriel Basso), who is assigned to a seemingly mundane task: manning a hotline in the basement of the White House during the night shift. His life takes a dramatic turn when he receives a call from Rose Larkin (played by Luciane Buchanan), a civilian who has inadvertently crossed paths with dangerous killers working for powerful people within the government.

As the series unfolds, Peter and Rose find themselves on the run, trying to uncover a massive conspiracy that threatens the very foundations of American government. They must navigate a world of high-stakes espionage, political intrigue, and life-or-death situations, all while being pursued by dangerous enemies.

Throughout their journey, Peter and Rose form an unlikely partnership, as they rely on each other’s unique skill sets to stay alive and unravel the conspiracy. Rose’s background as a failed tech entrepreneur proves valuable, as she uses her hacking skills to help them stay ahead of their adversaries. The duo’s dynamic adds an interesting layer to the show, as they challenge the typical action-thriller tropes with their equally matched partnership.

As the plot thickens, the protagonists encounter various twists and turns, which keeps the audience engaged and guessing. While some aspects of the story may seem familiar or overused, the series still manages to deliver a thrilling and entertaining experience. Overall, The Night Agent is a fast-paced spy thriller that keeps viewers hooked with its fast-paced storyline and strong performances.

The Good: The acting in The Night Agent is quite good, with D.B. Woodside delivering a great performance as Monks. As I mentioned previously, Gabriel Basso (Sutherland) and Luciane Buchanan (Larkin) play off each other well, striking a nice balance. Larkin is not just a damsel in distress; instead, the two characters form a team, with each saving the other throughout the series.

One aspect of the show that I appreciate is that the characters are generally competent. Although the villains often miss our heroes, it’s not because they’re incompetent; rather, Sutherland and Larkin are just barely one step ahead of them.

The Annoying: There are several minor annoyances in the series, but not enough to make it unwatchable. For instance, the trope of the most helpful person being evil and the annoying character being the good guy is predictable. From the beginning, we know Farr is evil; she’s just too helpful. Writers, please make it less obvious!

The grey wig on Farr (played by Hong Chau) is just a bad idea. It seems intended to make her look older and more experienced, befitting the president’s chief of staff, but it just looks odd.

Furthermore, the “my parents (or guardians) are secretly spies” trope is annoyingly overused. I half expected Larkin to start exclaiming, “I never asked for this” once her aunt and uncle are revealed as spies.

There’s an odd loose thread or two that feel out of place. For example, we learn in a flashback that Larkin’s tech startup is brought down by a character named Adam, whose name is mentioned only once. Was there more to this story left on the cutting room floor? Is this a teaser for a future season? Or did the writer’s just leave a dangling thread to our imaginations, also potentially leaving themselves a future storyline expansion?

The Bottom Line: In Conclusion: Despite its minor flaws and occasional reliance on overused tropes, The Night Agent delivers an engaging, action-packed experience that keeps viewers hooked from start to finish. The strong performances and dynamic partnership between the lead characters more than make up for the annoyances, ensuring an enjoyable ride. So, if you’re looking for a thrilling adventure with plenty of twists and turns, The Night Agent is definitely worth a watch.

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